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Hot Water Solutions

New Generation Vacuum Tube Water Heater Solution

● Low boiling point technology allows hot water to be produced even in minimal sunlight
● Can also be used to produce hot water for swimming pools or central heating!
● Can nearly eliminate electricity consumption especially if purchased in conjunction with a
photovoltaic solar unit to power a swimming pool filter pump(s)
● Hot water produced even in low (winter) temperatures
● Can be installed on roof tile area or free standing
● Can run on mains pressure (no pressure pump)
● Removes need for expensive 3 way mixer taps
● 5 Year guarantee (except element)
● Over 15 year heat tube life expectancy
● Long Life, high quality 316 food grade stainless steel tank
● Integrated polyurethane foam technology to retain tank heat
● Can be installed at angles from 20 to 80 degree's,allowing the possibility to install in small and normally difficult spaces
● Does not need to be placed close to the cold water storage tank (option to remove tank)
● Low maintenance, no panels to rust
● No water pollution from stagnant water in the panels when the property is not in use!
● High quality stainless steel backup water elements

Solar Hot Water

Working Principle:
The heat pipe is hollow and vacuumed. Inside the inner copper core there is a quantity of purified water and some special additives. This liquid in the core pipe solar collectors has a low boiling point. Thus, when it is heated, the liquid vaporizes and becomes very hot rapidly. The vapour rises to the top of the heat pipe and transfers the heat to the probe that is inserted in the tank. As the heat is lost, the vapour condenses to form a liquid again and returns to the bottom of the heat pipe; then the process is repeated.

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