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Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Services

We offer a comprehensive service for all aspects of installing, service and day to day maintenance of swimming pools. Our experienced, qualified pool maintenance team offer regular testing and correction of the pool water chemistry to ensure you a low-maintenance, sparkling, clean swimming pool all year round. Often problems with the pool water or chemicals are not visible to the naked eye; therefore the importance of monitoring swimming pool chemistry cannot be stressed enough. Remember: cleaning a swimming pool properly is more than just hoovering away the visual residue at the bottom of the pool. We recommend only use quality European chemicals to ensure water quality and swimmer safety.

Swimming Pool Rescue
From Green to Clean! See below images from a recent 5x11 swimming pool rescue. The bad condition of the pool and empty pumping system required our extended 7 day rescue program to bring the pool back to usable condition.

Green Pool

Water Chemical Balancing
A healthy pool with balanced chemicals results in healthy, happy swimmers. It only takes a small change in a pool environment for the water to rapidly turn green and develop algae or other non-visible problems. There are a lot of factors that affect the balance of the pool chemistry and while the digital test meters are a good indicator of pool water health they only test for the basic elements.
For example; Chlorine is added to your pool on a regular basis but only has a short 'life' killing bacteria before becoming used and dormant. Therefore do you know how much 'active' Chlorine is circulating in your pool?
Paphos Property Maintenance have passed the NSPF/CPO pool operator course and will provide regular, complete analysis of your pool water chemistry to prevent un-warranted repairs and possibly legal action.

Through regular swimming pool maintenance, we can ensure healthy and enjoyable times at the poolside for you and your guests.