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Paphos Property Solutions are experienced in all aspects of both pitched and flat roof repairs and maintenance. We offer levelling solutions to remove low spots and eliminate standing water damaging your water membrane. Also, flat roof bitumen water sealant coatings need to checked regularly and have a life expectancy ranging around 2-4 years. The life expectancy can be affected by a number of factors including the strength of the summer UV rating of the sun and also by failure due to standing water. We offer a range of flat roof repair solutions to suit most budgets from bitumen re-application to life extending supplemental coatings and sealant protecting materials that will offer from an extra 2 years life expectancy to lifetime protection (in the most expensive case) of the water seal membrane.


We also offer a range of services for pitched roof repairs ranging from ridge tile repointing, tile repairs, gully sealing to whole roof replacement.

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Please contact us for a free quotation for your roofing needs.